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Sunday, December 10, 2023


This site allows public access to Statements of Economic Interests (SEI) filed annually by over 22,000 government employees and elected officials in Winnebago County. There are four ways to retrieve the data: by a filer’s name; by the name of an agency; by selecting an agency from dropdown menus; and by selecting one or more questions to view the answers. Three reports are also provided. All data is updated in real time. Please note that results can be downloaded as a CSV file.
Filing Year
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To view a filer’s SEI, enter his or her name below. The search tool will accept partial spellings.
First Name
Last Name
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The late and non-filer reports list filers who submitted an SEI after the filing deadline and filers who have not yet submitted. The multi-filer report shows filers who are required to file by more than one agency.
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Agency Search
To view a list of all filers in an agency, use the keyword search below. Partial names, such as “Chicago,” will return multiple results. Narrow your search by typing a full agency name (i.e. “Chicago Board of Education”).
Agency Name
To select an agency from a list, pick from each of the three dropdown menus below.
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Question Search
To view filers who answered one or more questions, select “All” or a specific question such as “Q3.” The CSV download will show more than results displayed on the screen.
Questions Answered
View question language
To search how filers answered questions, enter a keyword in the box below. The keyword will be listed in the CSV download found on the results screen.
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